Fuego en la Noche

Yesterday was the 4th Annual Cambridge Music Festival here in Vermont. Between sets of great music, there were other things going on…

Fuego en la Noche
or, Chasing Away the Hooky Spooks

Last night in blackness, between
music while the bands went on break,
we gathered round in a semi-circle
just beyond the burning cups
placed in careful spacing,
intentional line not to cross.
The rain had stopped
though the sky still pressed
against us. Wet. The universe
lay compressed between ankles
and oppression just above
our heads, as self-contained
as a coffin. Music, low, floated
in and a bare-footed woman
picked up chains with burning
cups at the end. She spun
them as a spider would spin
a web of fire, swinging flames
behind her back, crisscrossing
chains, flashing light against
her shoulders, flinging fire
across saturated grass, streaks
of orange-red opening the night.
We may have glanced
at her face in concentration,
but we couldn’t keep our eyes
from following the slashes
of danger that chased away
los diablos. For a moment,
even the full moon glanced
at the earth, and –
I kid you not – the sun
returned in this morning’s sky.

Poet Highlight: Christina Rossetti

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