Here I am with two of my six sheep, Merlin and Bonnie, who love getting scratched through their hot, thick wool.

Over the past year, I’ve been teaching myself to felt with some guidance from my good friend and writer-artist Nancy Hayden. In order to create felted pieces, I have my sheep sheared, hand wash the wool, hand card it, and wet felt it. Wet felting entails creating layers of small pieces of felt that have been pulled apart, soaking them with hot soapy water, rolling the layers (photos to come), and laying them out to dry. I sometimes use the clothes dryer at the end of the process to help full the wool.

Click on each photo below to see what I’ve been up to in the felt world.

They are categorized by Blankets, Vessels, Bureau Scarves, Runes, and Plant Pads.

IMG_0653felted vessel 2bureau scarf 2

Freyr's AettIMG_0194