Felted Blankets

My latest obsession is creating felted blankets which I back with flannel. Each is hand-felted from my sheep’s fleece and then hand-stitched together with hand-spun yarn, which also begins with my sheep’s wool. I do not do the spinning, but hope to someday.

Blanket 1 – Fall 2014.  Peter’s Study Blanket. Two panels from each of the six sheep, which are dark brown, light brown, black, white, grey and butterscotch. Backed in orange plaid flannel. Buttons are wooden leaf patterns. Size: approximately 3′ x 4′.

Felted Blanket 1

Felted blanket with flannel backFelted Blanket 1 detail

Blanket 2 – Winter, 2015. The Western Viking. This asymmetrical creation also uses all six sheep’s wool felted in panels of a variety of sizes and shapes. Backed in green flannel. Buttons are from recycled materials except for the corner horn button made of wood. Size: approximately 3′ x 4′.

Blanket 2Panel samplesJake's blanket back


Panel samples 6IMG_5043 In use in Aspen. See why it’s the “Western Viking”?

Blanket 3 – Spring 2016. Earth’s Gifts. For this one I used only the white wool from Pan and the grey wool from Bonnie. Backed in a flannel called “Winter’s Forest.” Buttons are mother of pearl. Four corner buttons are different in size and design than those found on the rest of the blanket. Size: 42″ x 67″. This was by far the most intensive, taking about 40 hours to complete (from felting to finish)  and using a full skein of yarn made from Bonnie’s wool.

IMG_0653IMG_0651Blanket stitch flannel to fleece

Winter Forest Flannel

Blanket 4: Ffelted-bubbles-blanket-frontelted Bubbles – Fall, 2016. For felted bubbles, I used the wool of Pan, Bonnie, and her twin, Butterscotch, which I felted into large rectangular panels. After stitching them together with the hand spun yarn of Bonnie, I felted different hand dyed fleece from alpaca and various sheep, purchased from Mountain Fiber Folk in Montgomery and Northeast Fiber Arts Center in Williston. I then needle felted these into the blanket in a whimsical, colorful array. From felting to finish took approximately 60 hours. Finished size: approximately 48″ x 60″. Backed in red flannel and tied with yarn. In the photo below, from front to back: Butterscotch, Bonnie (just her head showing), Pan. This blanket was made for my niece, Isabel Pearl Blossom Case, age 4.